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    RC F Beeping at me!

    My 2016 RC F has been beeping at me. It does it about once per minute and sounds like a digital watch marking the hour. I have attached a video clip of it with audio. I'm not getting any warning lights and am puzzled as to what this is. It does it while I'm driving or parked. Any ideas what...
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    Oil Change - What viscosity and type?

    I'm buying supplies to do my first oil change on my 2016 RC F and was curious which oil Lexus recommends in terms of viscosity and synthetic vs non-synthetic. Don't have my owner's manual on me at the moment. Anyone got that info handy? I was surprised that some quick googling yielded no results.
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    Meet at Lime Rock Historic Festival - Gathering of the Marques - Sunday, September 6th 2020

    If you've never been to Lime Rock Park, you're missing out on a true gem of a race track. They do an amazing historic racing festival each Labor Day Weekend. Since racing is not permitted on Sunday do to local noise ordinances (damn locals!) they do a Concours d'Elegance type car show instead...
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    CT Newbie

    Hi all, Just got my 2016 RC F. She's USBM2.0 with performance package, navi, Levenson audio, black leather and only 5k miles. She came from Lexus of Milwaukee. I flew out to inspect her and had her shipped back to CT. I couldn't be happier. Looking forward to using this site as a resource...